Riding in the Chariot to Victory
Spiritual Warfare      DVD's

Strongman's His Name 8-hour Seminar
PowerPoint Teaching Aid

This is an introduction to Spiritual Warfare by Dr Jerry Robesn while he was teaching at Gerald Dirstien's Retreat Center in Florida. It is a wonderful tool to introduce a series  or is good as a stand alone teaching.                            DVD  $20.00
This Seminar covers the teaching on the Strongman's His Name...What's His Game? book #1. Both Drs. Jerry and Carol Robeson  alternate teaching during this series. They bind the enemy and loose the power of God at each session. People are blessed and God does a mighty work where ever this is shown.    DVD $100.00.
This is a powerful tool in the hand of teachers who like to teach the Strongman book to a class of students. Each Chapter of the book is illustrated and given an interesting set of visuals to use. The tree showing the Strongman starts off each new chapter and the key verse that coincides with it. This will become a must-have for those of you who want to do the job right.                                           CD  for $85.00.