Single CD
Verses of Praise from the Psalms (Dr. Carol Robeson)A half hour of the best passages from the Psalms to lift your spirit higher in the wonderful promises of God.   CD: $4.00
Can Satan Understand Tongues?/Read Your Mind? (Dr. Carol Robeson) Two commonly misunderstood questions that people want Biblical answers for now set before you in simple, scriptural language. CD: $6.00
Conquering the Giants of Your Life. (Dr. Carol Robeson) Do you keep having giants appear in your life? Do they come out and yell at you day in and day out? See how David over came the Goliath in his life and what lessons there are here for us to learn. It's more than just a kid's story!  CD: $6.00
False Prophecy Unmasked (Dr. Carol Robeson}
This is the time to know the true prophets of God and how to recognize the false visions, utterances and what is the ceception of the devil. CD: $6.00
God's Royal Road to Success (Dr. Carol Robeson)
You can know the secrets to spiritual and physical success. Conquer fears that have held you back. Move into abundant living. CD: $6.00
How to Receive Your Prayer Language. {Dr. Carol Robeson} In two easy steps, learn how to receive and begin speaking in your very own prayer language.  CD: $6.00
Rise and Be Healed (Dr. Carol Robeson)
Healing is yours! Carol teaches you how to successfully ask, seek and receive from God CD: $6.00
Run to Win! (Dr. Carol Robeson) It is true that spectators do not win races. Learn the Bible way to set and achieve your goals. CD: $6.00
Spirit, Sout & Body  (Dr. Carol Robeson) Learn to apply what it says in Hebrews - only the Word of God can divide between spirit and soul. CD: $6.00
The Holy Spirit in Esther (Dr. Carol Robeson)
Discover the same leadership qualities in you that made Esther God's chosen vessel. CD: $6.00
The Mystery of Job (Dr. Carol Robeson) Was Job used as a ping-pong ball between God and Statn? Understand the truth! CD: $6.00
What's Wrong with Rock Music? (Suzanne Robeson-Saks)
Suzanne uses her radio/television degree knowledge to point out hidden dangers. CD: $5.00
Good Things Come From God (Dr. Jerry Robeson)
Learn who God is and what He really does so you will never be confused about Him again. CD: $12.00
Two CD Series
Victory Over Fear  (Dr. Jerry Robeson) Walk tall and free in love, power and a sound mind. You can be more than a conquerer through the power of God's Word.  CD: $12.00
Four CD Series
Seven Ministry Gifts to Success (Dr. Carol Robeson  According to Romans 12, God gave each of us special ministry gifts when we were born-again
Learn how to develop your outstanding, God-given abilities and be a blessing!  CD: $25..00
The Nine Gifts of the Holy Spirit  (Dr. Carol Robeson) The Holy Spirit has placed His gifts in the Body of Christ for the edification of the whole Church. He wants you to be filled with His anointing and power for greater service.CD: $25.00
The Fruit of the Spirit (Dr. Carol Robeson)
The fruit of the Spirit are to be planted, watered, weeded and tended to on a regular basis in order to reap a bountiful harvest. The fruit you bear now will last for eternity. CD: $25.00
6-hour Live Strongman Seminar. (Drs. Jerry & Carol Robeson) This set captures the feel of actually being in a seminar with the Robesons.
CD: $30.00
Six CD Series
Strongman Series with Study Guide Booklet
(Drs. Jerry & Carol Robeson) Listen to the Strongman I "book on CD" while driving or working. CD: $30.00
Twelve CD  Series
Delux Gifts Set. (Dr. Carol Robeson)
Composed of three 4-CD series: 7 Ministry Gifts to Success; 9 Gifts of the Holy Spirit +bklt; and the Fruit of the Spirit. This is a power packed album!  Price: $65.00
Delux Victory Set (Drs. Jerry & Carol Robeson)
Combination of series: Strongman I "book on tape", The 9 Gifts of the Holy Spirit & Victory Over Fear. Includes two study-guide booklets. Price: $65.00