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Single CD's are $6.00 each
2 CD Series
2-CD's $12.00
4 CD's $25.00
6 CD's $30.00
12 CDs Series $65.00
Laminated Reference Cards $4.00
Jerry Robeson's Music 
CD $6.00
 DVD Special
PowerPoint Strongman Teacher's Aid
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PowerPoint Strongman I teaching aid. Covers the whole #1 book material. Now just $85.00.
Victory Over Fear
Strongman's His Name I book :$15.00
Strongman's His Name 2 book $15.00
Strongman Booklet $5.00
Spanish Strongman Book, La Guerra Espiritual $15.00
French Strongman Book $15.00
The Gifts of the Holy Spirit Are For You! $15.00
Suddenly One Was Taken! $10.00
Faith In Eruption $1.00
Mighty Warriors Jr. Book $8.00
Knee-Deep In The Soup Bk $10.00
Verses of Praise from Psalms
Can Satan Understand Tongues or Read Your Mind?
Conquering the Giants of Your Life
False Prophecy Unmasked
God's Royal Road to Success
How to Receive Your Prayer Language
Rise and Be Healed!
Run to Win!
Spirit, Soul & Body
The Holy Spirit in Esther
The Mystery of Job
The tallit and It's Meaning
What's Wrong with Rock Music?
Good Things Come From God!
Live Strongman Seminar Audio
Seven Ministry Gifts to Success
Nine Gifts of the Holy Spirit
The Fruit of the Spirit
Strongman Audio Book with booklet
Delux Gifts Set {Gifts of the Spirit, Fruit of Sp.,7 Ministry Gifts+1 bklt)
Delux Victory Set (Strongman 1 audio book, 9 Gifts of the Spirit, Victory Over Fear Series + 2 bklts.}
Laminated Reference Card
All In The Name of Jesus
In the Valley He Restoreth My Soul
Solid Gold Trumpet
"Riding In The Chariot to Victory"
DVD $20.00
8 hour Live Strongman Seminar
DVD $100.00