Newsletters from LIFE MINISTRIES, INC.
and Dr. Carol Robeson
June 2013
Greetings! How time flies when you're having fun! I have tried to upload a number of times, but homestead seems to always have difficulty at the moment and then I forget to come back.
I just finished a trip to the Dominican Republic with a friend. I was her translator because she doesn't speak any Spanish. On Sunday I spoke at one of the Santo Domingo churches and had a roaring reception! They loved hearing the Word of God and afterwards the prayer for the sick. They want me to return and do a conference for the women sometime.
One thing I know...the mosquitos love me down there! : )
Seems like this summer is a full schedule of traveling. I enjoy being on the road a much a possible.
Last night I was with my dear friend, Ruth where she was speaking. We traveled together as a team for 7 years but she is now 90 years old and not able to travel.  God did some great healings and touched many people.
I am praying about starting a weekly or bi-weekly time with people where I can instruct them on healing and how to receive, keep and impart it for themselves. I rather thing that will take place this fall.
The Lord is good and greatly to be praised!

August 2012
Wow, where has the summer gone? I had a wonderful time with Jeff Yellow Owl in the Yakima, WA area and look forward to a return visit with him and the Wapato Foursquare Church he pastors in Sept. or Oct. Meanwhile I will be with the Cornerstone Baptist Church in Salem, OR for an all-day Conf. on Sat., Sept. 8th. My daughter, Suzanne will speak in the morning from 10-12 and I will speak in the afternoon from 1-4 p.m. The address is: 4600 Swegle Rd NE, Salem, OR 97301
The following week, I will be flying the friendly skies to Detroit, MI for a conference with Bishop Terrence R. Joyce and his congregation from the 14th through the16th at 7 p.m. nightly. They are located at 2934 Shaiwassee Rd. in Farmington Hills, MI 48336.
I love sharing God's Word and seeing the signs that follow according to God's Word. The Word never returns void! We are in a time of God showing His strong arm in our behalf. He loves to convince people that He is still alive and well!
Join me in any of these conferences and be blessed!

March 2012
   We had a wonderful meeting Dallas, Oregon with a number of people receiving healing and others being set free from bondages they had carried around for many years! All praise goes to our Lord and His faithfulness to us.
    I am getting ready to go out to Skokomish, WA on April 13 to 15 and be teaching at the American Indian Fellowship Mtg. as well as speaking in the Skokomish Church Sunday a.m. and p.m.
    The last weekend of April from the 22nd to the 29th I will be speaking at the Free Methodist ladies retreat in Arizona again. This is the 3rd year I have been with the ladies there and we plan on having a delightful time studying the Word and rejoicing in His great and precious promises!
    This is a great year and God is on the move! Such a hunger for truth in the land and God's Word is the vehicle to deliver the truth. I am in great health and continue to go where ever I can to speak.
     Pray for funds and open doors as I come and go. Thank you!

January 2012
Greetings and Happy New Year! I will be in Dallas, Oregon Fri., Jan.27th to Sun. a.m. the 29th. On Fri. at 7-9 p.m. I will be teaching a Spiritual Warfare Conference. Sat. we will resume it at 10 a.m. and go until 3 p.m. with one hour for lunch on your own. This will be at Valley Life Center with Pastor Chris Barker. I have been with Chris and his wife several times in the past and they are always a delight! If you are in the area, come and visit us...there is no charge for the Conference.
I am anticipating getting more of my books on ebook form and into, etc. during this year. Some of them are books that I have had in different forms but never put in the bookstores. So, soon they will be available. I will be sure and put their titles here as they are ready for downloading and trust a good many of you will enjoy them.
In April I will be in Arizona again with the ladies retreat as I have been for the last 2 years. I always enjoy being there and meeting more new friends!
Be abundantly blessed during this new year and remember to fight the good fight of faith!
Carol Robeson

November 2011
I had a wonderful time in Flint, MI teaching and meeting new friends there. Pastors Harold and Sherri Britton are doing a wonderful job in Flint. They have established a powerful Word church called Royal Priesthood and minister in the power of the Holy Spirit there. 
Future meetings  will be listed soon.
We are to be continually thankful to the Lord for all His blessings, but this is a great month to remember them again and again! Keep praying that the lost will be saved and people will get their life cleaned up so they can walk closer to the Lord each day. When we walk in victory, we aren't constantly beaten up by the enemy who looks for open doors to shoot in his fiery darts!

Oct. 18, 2011
Getting ready to be in Flint, MI on Oct. 21-23 at Royal Priesthood Church. I will be teaching on Spiritual Warfare using the Strongman's His Name, What's His Game book.

October 2011
Had some wonderful services in Skokomish, WA to start the month off. Now, I am getting ready to go to Flint, MI on the 20th and teach on Fri., Sat. all day, and Sunday a.m. at Royal Priesthood Church with Pastors Harold and Sherri Britton. If you are in the area, please come and visit us! I will be doing a seminar on Spiritual Warfare...always relevant in our changing world!
The Lord is good and Whittaker House is now reviewing my book on "The Gifts of the Holy Spirit Are For You!" and thinking of publishing and distributing it for me. They can reach so many locations I will never get to and so I consider it a wonderful way of getting things in the hands of Believers everywhere.
I am always glad when Oct. is over and I don't have to see the devils and witches leering at me from every store window! We have so familiarized the occult that people hardly have any problem embracing it in any of its forms the rest of the year. Excuse me, but people are being "dumbed down" when it comes to a lot of things that have spiritual cause and effects!
In spite of things, God is still pouring out His Spirit in great abundance on our generation. Dive into the flow and become a part of His mighty army of Overcomers!
Carol Robeson

September 2011
Again, as we look at the world scene we see troubled times in countries everywhere. We must keep in mind that these things must come to pass before our Lord returns. As I told someone this, I also added that just because the world was in turmoil, it didn't mean that I had to give up my right as a Child of God to stand my ground and fight the good fight of faith. The devil and his kids have to earn the right to do these things and as far as I'm concerned they need obstacles like good and faithful ones taking their stand for righteousness!!
  We are the salt of the earth, the MORE than conquerors so let's act like it. Stay focused in the Word and in your times of prayer. Don't dispare at what you see around you.
  Your finances and life are not tied to this world's economy. They are tied to God. He wants to bless you and provide for you when the going get rough. Just continue to thank Him for His provision and keep on seeking Him first and formost in your life.
  Be blessed by the Master today!
Carol Robeson

May 2011
Blessings! We have once again celebrated Passover and the Ressurrection of our Lord. On the 1st Sat. of May I will have my #1 daughter, Suzanne Saks give a teaching on the Bride of Christ and the Jewish wedding with its significance to the Lord's soon return.  That will be at the Old Spaghetti Factory at 12 noon on Sat., May 7th in Vancouver, WA.
On May 20 and 21, I will be teaching a city-wide seminar on Spiritual warfare in Lincoln City, OR. A number of churches are cooperating in this effort. It will be held at the Four Square Church starting Friday in the evening. There is no charge for the seminar.
God is blessing and I trust you are experienceing the mighty touch of the Master's Hand in your life today!

March 2011
Greetings! I just returned from the Phoenix area where I spoke to a ladies group and had a wonderful time seeing friends and making new ones!
I will be in Lincoln City, OR for a city-wide seminar May 20 and 21st and am looking forward to teaching the Strongman Series. Come if you can. It will be held at the Four Square Church. I'll get the times later.

On the 1st Saturday of each month, Ruth Friesen and I have a meeting at the Old Spaghetti Factory here in Vanc., WA. at 12 noon.  It is a blessed time with food, fellowship, music and the Word! YOU are invited to join us on those days.

December 10, 2010
Happy Birthday to me, and later this month to our Lord Jesus as we  remember Him and His birth. This is your moment in history. Don't let anyone talk you out of it or steal it from you.
Tomorrow belongs to the Lord.
The woman at the well was all tied up in her past. When she met Jesus, she dropped her water pots and seized her moment in history.
Lazarus came out of his grave of past mistakes and a dead end lifestyle to live again!
Bartimaeus came out of his cloak of blind fear and began to walk in the new light of Christ as the center of his life.
How about you?

August 10, 2010
Our shield of faith quenches the fiery darts of the enemy! When we have a continual washing of the water of the Word flowing in our life, our shield is wet and can quench the darts. When we lack the Word in our life, the darts penetrate and create a fire in our life!
Don't let your faith level drop and your shield dry out!
Remember, "Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God." Romans 10:17. We must keep HEARING the Word of God!
Seek a place of fellowship where the Word is preached and taught on a regular basis!

June 4, 2010
"Once you don the full armor of God, it MUST be a lifetime commitment, to be worn without interruption. Never to be removed!
Your sleep and rest must be in an airtight bunker. Your vulnerability must be protected by covering it with the Blood of Jesus Christ. When aroused by the call of the Holy Spirit it must be instantaneous with your sword at the ready, able to rush forward with the capability to obey orders without hesitation and with absolute impeccability.
Remember--- The battle ground on which you stand is, the Holy sacrificial altar of God and it must be approached with absolute certainty and with the omnipotence of the Holy Spirit.
Your battle dress must be tailored and fitted for you by the personal attendance of the Holy Spirit. You are unable to do this of yourself.  Everything you carry into battle is supplied by the Holy Spirit.
To stand alone is to be overwhelmed by your adversary, for he has supernatural power which, as a mortal, you cannot resist. His power is dissolved by the power of the Holy Spirit. He does not possess courage, only its form behind which there is no substance. Merely a bugle note on the wind. But, he needs no courage to attack a defenseless mortal.
P.S. Don't listen to the bugle, he is not there, he is coming up behind your step!
Your wounds and afflictions are prevented and treated by daily anointing of faith, hope and charity applied before battle and after.
Your battle gear must be impeccably maintained and kept clean by the application of scripture which is also the source of your weapons. Your artillary fire controller is the Holy Ghost.
Keep your communications intact without fail!"
I found this among my notes. Source, unknown but it is a blessing to all. It appears that this person is a warrior and knows about waging warfare.
Be Blessed!
Dr. Carol Robeson

March 22, 2010---
The same ponds that grow beautiful lillies and their pads can go stagnant and grow scum! We need the Word going into us constantly and flowing out of us to help others or at least be creative in our outreach for Christ or we will stagnate or blowup! Something's gotta give!!
Vision is more than a television program!
God is not the great "Jack in the Box" in heaven!
God is not "God Father's Pizza" You order, He delivers!
He is not a Prozak moment! There are no "magic happy pills"
God is God each and every day of our lives and we can fellowship with Him! Don't miss your opportunities today by grieving about yesterday's losses.

February 11, 2010 ---
Our gifts belong to one another. If you have God's heartbeat you see His gifts in other people and won't let them be less than they are. One day King Saul had a pivotal decision to make. Wait 7 days for Samuel or get impatient and take things into his own hands.
To wait on God or get impatient!
Are you hearing me? What will you do?
Saul couldn't wait!
We are to wait on God, trust Him and pray.
Saul panicked!
Saul lost ALL his spiritual discernment as a result.
Stop being offended by other's opinions and pressures on you. God will deal with them.
What will be your choice when that next big test comes? Trust or impatience??

January 2010---
The words of the Lord that are coming through scripture and prophecy for this year all seem to point towards a great outpouring of God's Spirit on the earth! He is calling all believers to walk in the Spirit and be usable by Him at any and all times. We are all called to evangelize, heal the sick and cast out devils! Let this be our year of greatest triumph as the Church!

August 2009
Blessings all you warriors of the Cross! We are in a time of unprecedented warfare. We see the signs of Revelation in both the spiritual world and the physical world. Wow, what Paul would have give to live in this day and age! We are the ones who will hold the line against the enemy and wage warfare to bring in a victorious harvest of souls during these days. Now is not a time to get weary and sit down on the job. It is time to dust off and get into the main stream of God's anointing for new and better things.

The New York times reported on the Euphrates River drying up and quoted passages from Revelation to explain it. Even the secular world is aware that things are winding down but don't know the answers or even the questions to ask. Aren't you glad you read the Bible?

We have authority over all the fiery darts of the enemy and can stand our ground in the hottest battles because we have access to the WHOLE armour of God. Be sure to put it ALL on! God leaves it up to you to cover yourself in His provision.

In this game, winning is EVERYTHING! These are the time when Jesus told us to look up and lift up your head...your redemption is near at hand.

Have a blessed end of summer.