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Faith In Eruption
Read Dr Jerry Robeson's account about the tremendous revival in managua, Nicaragua as people were healed, delivered and raised from the dead. See how this country was stirred by God just before an earthquake destroyed the capital city.
 Price: $1.00
Suddenly...One Was Taken!
A novel by Dr. Jerry Robeson of spine-tingling suspense that climaxes with the glorious, triumphant Second Comingof Jesus Christ. Steve Adam's wife is caught away in the rapture, leaving Steve alone to face the terrible events of the Great Tribulation.

Price: $10.00
Knee-Deep In The Soup
& Other Stupid Stories
22 simple, awesome stories for teen-agers by Randy Robeson. Each story is a way to tell the gospel message without a preachy style and putting into a humorous story that will keep the class or individual at full attention. Great devotional. 
Price: $10.00
Mighty Warriors Junior
 Activity and Coloring Book
Learning spiritual warfare on a child's level is made easy and positive! Many people have told us their life would have been so much better if they could have learned correct spiritual warfare principles while they were children. 96 fun-filled pages for ages 5-12.
 Price: $8.00
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Strongman's His Name, What's His Game?
This is still the version with the graphic illustrations!
Instead of binding just symptoms we attack the sixteen strongmen or demon spirits mentioned by name in the Bible. Contains a diagram in tree form to illustrate each strongman. Tells how and what to bind in each situation. 81/2 X 11 Manual size book. 
Single book price: $15.00
Strongman's His Name, II
The sequel to "Strongman's His Name, What's His Game?." This book answers over 150 of the most asked questions regarding spiritual warfare. Also added to this book is much additional information that was not included in the first book. This is a "must have" for all teachers and serious students of spiritual warfare.
Single book price: $15.00
The Gifts of the Holy Spirit
Are For You!
The Gifts were given once to the Church and have been available to all believers ever since.The Gifts of the Holy Spirit are God's idea of how His Church is to function. This study gives scriptural examples of each Gift and its function in the daily highway of life. Learn to hear God and be instantly obedient.
Price: $15.00
Spanish or French
Strongman's His Name I Book

La Guerra Espiritual
Price: $15.00

Le Combat Spirituel
Price $12.00
Laminated Reference Cards for Strongman's His Name, What's His Game? Book.  Price: $4.00
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