Getting to know...
Dr. Carol Robeson
Dr. Carol had a wealth of God's blessings in her lifetime. Her maternal grandparents came into the blessings of Pentecost in 1902, in Minneapolis, MN. Their prayers of protection surrounded her as she grew up and entered the ministry. Her father's background was based on the occult practices of spiritism, which gave her an early introduction to the fact that God's power always overcomes the evil one.
When Drs. Jerry and Carol, went to the mission fields of Central America for twenty years, they were involved in television programs, radio programs and church planting as they held services every night of the year. As a result, they saw healings of every kind imaginable, and people set free from demonic oppressions and possessions. Out of this came a study that God gave to Dr. Carol on the topic of spiritual warfare that had been tested and tried in the fire of prolonged ministry. The one thing that they discovered was that doctrine cannot be based on experiences, no matter how convincing they seem. Both doctrine and spiritual warfare must be balanced solely on the Word of God. We must not torture God's Word to fit our understanding, we must always base it on the weight of scripture.

The same principles that apply to spiritual warfare apply to walking in the Gifts of the Holy Spirit and any other area of God's promises to us. Our victory only comes through knowledge and obedience.

After Dr. Jerry's passing into the Lord's presence in 1999, Carol continued to teach and minister and maintain Shiloh Publishing House. She enjoyed the many invitations to come from people who had read her books and wanted more teaching. She taught on a wide variety of topics and was always interested in meeting new friends in the Body of Christ in her travels. Her desire was to bring the message of God's love, healing power and deliverance to the world!

Shiloh Publishing House                                                            Dr. Carol joined Dr. Jerry in The Lord's Presence,
PO Box 3290                                                                                   July of 2016. Their daughters are now continuing 
Tualatin, OR  97062                                                                       to share the message that was started and to                                                                                                                      continue the availability of the materials and the                                                                    anointing.